“Nothing But” Red Box Technique for Extreme Focus


If you are procrastinating or having trouble getting started on a tough assignment, here is a powerful new technique. It’s called the “Nothing But Red Box” technique.

It is very simple.

1. You isolate ONE and only one task for your “Nothing But Red Box” time period.
2. Decide how many minutes will be in this time box and make a note of that. You will need to successfully estimate the full amount of time needed for this.
3. Take a red medium point marker and trace or draw a red box around the box you have selected.
4. Commit to doing “Nothing But” this single task you have written inside the red box.
5. Commit to thinking “THING But” what you have written in the res box.
6. If you finish early that’s great! Just ignore the rest of the box and enter your next task in the remaining space in the red box.
7. Draw a red line under the task you completed to show then end of the time period you needed to finish and then move on to the next time period on your calendar. (If you did not finish and need to put in more time than the initial 50 minutes.
8. Decide if you will be moving on to a new task or continuing the same one. If you are continuing just write in that task for the next 50 minute time block and draw another red box around that.

Now take a moment to acknowledge yourself for completing the first “Nothing But” Red Box. (I said it was simple. I did not say it was easy. Give yourself credit and a round of applause for sticking to your plan.

You must prepare to perform in the red box time slot on your calendar. If you see a red box coming up on your hourly calendar you must prepare however far in advance so you are ready to begin the task when the minute hand on your clock hits that exact minute.

If you see this “Nothing But WRITING REPORT Red Box” and you can see that red marker line around that box from 4:00pm to 4:50pm, then you will get a drink of water or gather your supplies or whatever else you need to do so you can start taking the ACTION written in the red box at PRECISELY 4:00.

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