Homework Instant Organizer System

We offer 3 levels to allow you to choose the best level of program length and intensity for you and your child.


Pace-It Classic Program:

Pace-It Instant Organizer Notebook System and Set-Up:

Includes the complete Pace-It Notebook System plus two and a half hours of telephone consultation.  To get started the parent will have a thirty minute individual phone session with a Pace-It consultant for us to become acquainted with your child or teen’s specific situation and goals.  You will have an additional two hours (may be used in thirty minute segments) of additional individual telephone support from one of our Pace-It consultants. You may wish to use some of your consulting time to have us interact with your child’s teachers or school administrators.

Cost: $299.00     


Pace-It Classic – Solo Seminar:

Classic Pace-It Notebook System with individual seminar presentation.

Cost:  $499.00    (Click here)


Pace-It Gold Program:

Entire Pace-It Classic Program PLUS Six Week Organizational Skills Package
A full system of evaluation, guidance and support:

Includes the complete Pace-It Classic Notebook System and Set-Up.

Also includes an on-going six week system utilization evaluation and feedback program, during which child and parent complete and submit on-line progress evaluation forms and receive e-mail feedback, support and recommendations for additional customized strategies, if needed. Also included are two bonus sessions of 30 minutes each, which you may access as follow-up at any time during the six months following the completion of your six week program.

Cost: $750.00     


Pace-It Platinum Program:

Entire Pace-It Gold Program PLUS Pace-It Extended Consultation
An extended system of evaluation, guidance and support:

Includes the complete Pace-It Gold Program PLUS Six-50 minute private phone consultations.

These more intensive private telephone consultation sessions allow you to get further customizing for your child’s Pace-It Instant Organizer Notebook System.  You can also get individually taylored strategies to help your child establish the skills and habits needed to operate in an organized manner.  These consultations will provide you with additional support and coaching on the path to helping your child getting organized for academic success.

Cost: $1,000.00     


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