School Counselors

Homework organization is a problem that plagues many a middle school or high school student.  We know as a school counselor you have so many different types of problems to deal with and we admire the amazing mental agility it takes for you to handle it all.

Our Pace-It Homework Instant Organizer System is structured to give the disorganized student a quick and easy to use notebook system which will guide them in keeping all their homework, class notes, and school related papers in very specific places in the system.  It is a comprehensive system and there is a PLACE for EVERYTHING!

No paper escapes the Pace-It system and we offer a complimentary custom solution for anyone who finds an exception.  We do follow up with parents who get a system for their child.  We are always glad to help them help their child to see that all parts of the system are working well.

An important aspect of having a child or teen use the Pace-It System is that is solves so many organizational skills issues that it leaves counselors, teachers and parents free to see if there are any remaining obstacles for the student.  I know you as a counselor are keenly aware that so often students have not just a single problem but a cluster of concurrent issues.  Using our system to got the organizational skills problems solved will make it much easier to see what problems remain.

We have experienced students who were going to receive extra help such as student support services or an IEP, suddenly not need the organizational skills part of that extra help.  We feel our comprehensive system offers a win, win, win situation.

1.  The student wins by gaining more ease and confidence from knowing where homework and class notes are.

2.  Parents and teachers win because the once stressful events surrounding lost papers or work turned in late are no longer a problem.

3.  School counselors and administrators win because the system solves organizational skills issues and leaves you free to focus on any remaining problems.

It is our goal to provide immediate relief to the student for the stress of losing important homework papers.  Our long term interest is to help each student form the lifelong success habit of operating in an organized manner.

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