Afraid she might end up like THIS?!

So you just got ANOTHER call or email from one of your child’s teachers!  Does your child or teen struggle to keep up with homework, class notes and other study and homework related papers?  Do you sometimes find yourself in stressful encounters with them about why this homework assignment or that book report or term paper was turned in late?

Do you have a sinking feeling that your child is not performing to anywhere near her true capabilities in school?  I know lots of people like to say, “Oh, don’t worry, she’ll grow out of it.”  That’s a nice little story and for some children it will be true.  But for many others it will be absolutely false!

If you worry that the messy room and never knowing where her homework papers and class notes are might lead to this you are to be congratulated on your keen awareness of the true possibilities your child might face.

In your case maybe yes or maybe no.  The problem is you won’t know until she gets there!  If you act now you can give her tools and systems to get where she really wants to go.  Our Pace-It Homework Instant Organizer system is a powerful tool you child or teen can use during the school years to develop great work habits NOW! 

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