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Columbia E. Perry Jones, M. Ed.
Columbia has a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Special Education. She has worked as a learning specialist with children in K-12, and also with college students and adults. Columbia has also developed many innovative strategies and material for students, and is the designer of the Pace-It System.

During her college years, Columbia excelled as an AAU/USA Swimming swim coach and was offered the job of Women’s Swim Coach at the University of Oregon.  Instead she took a different turn and became very successful in the music business as an artist manager and music publisher. 

Now in the area of working with school age children and teens, Columbia has created products and systems to support students in becoming independent learners with sufficient organizational skills and tools such that they can realize their academic potential and learn and practice success skills that will last a lifetime.

She also works with parents to give them the training and tools to most effectively guide and inspire their child or teen for best success.  This process promotes independence and responsibility in the child and gives some powerful maximum performance skills that can be applied for success in school as well as the child or teen’s outside activities.  (If your child or teen is an athlete be sure to see our sister website: Academics 4 Athletes.com.)

Columbia has had some aspect of coaching running throughout her fascinating career activities (which began at the age of 15) and she has always loved to go out to the very edge of best performance, inspiring her clients to perform at their highest levels.  That’s the excitement that lights up the “working time” of her every day.   

1049 Powers Ferry Road
Suite 2407
Marietta, GA 30067
United States
Phone: 404-401-3000
E-Mail – Columbia@pace-it.com 






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