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We all want to have less stress in our lives.  We will often to anything and everything we can to avoid even the possibility of having stressful moments.  Interestingly many of us often live with a general low level stress which is present most of the time.  You may have a student who is successful in some or most of her subjects but struggles with some aspect of performance in one particular class.

Taking tests in this class can be particularly challenging if she feels a high level of fear about her ability to succeed in this subject area.  It could also be that she has a very high level of dislike for the subject for any of a number of reasons.  It could be that it requires a lot of memorizing and she feels she does not do that well.  It could be a clash with the teacher’s teaching style.

It will be helpful if your student will find some new study skills and use these as tools to get a job done.  If she can focus on the steps to mastering the material required to succeed on the test and just engage in one step at a time this will make it easier.  The material should be broken into pieces and each piece regarded as a separate learning task.

This approach can help her get through difficult material and make her feel happier while getting the required work completed.  There is usually a lot less pressure in focusing on just one step at a time than in looking at the whole amount of work at once.

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