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Whether your child or teen had a successful or less than spectacular first semester, beginning a new semester brings a new opportunity. Your student can set new goals, take on new activities, or take their successes from the previous semester to a whole new level.

The important thing for taking full advantage of this fresh new start is to get things of to a great start. If your child can have some immediate successes s/he will experience a surge in self confidence which can be used to launch an ongoing series of short term goals being met. If s/he has been struggling to keep track of her homework papers and now suddenly implements a new system which makes that job much quicker and easier, you will see a new willingness to invest more effort in that area.

The increased effort combined with a powerful system like the Pace-It Instant Organizer Notebook System, can begin to establish the roots of a new success habit of keeping track of homework papers, quizzes and tests. This will make it so much easier and more rewarding to take the daily steps needed to get the homework completed and turned in on time. If key papers needed for study for tests are collected and organized on a regular basis using a quick and easy system such as the Test Collection Home Storage Kit portion of the Pace-It System, students with attention or executive function challenges are far more likely to be motivated to study more fully and effectively for their tests and exams.

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