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It happens to almost everyone at some time or another.  You look at the clock and wonder where the day went.  You meant to start that paper two weeks ago.  Not just one week ago but two whole weeks ago.  You look at your calendar one more time vaguely hoping to discover that it is not really Thursday.  It’s only Wednesday.  An extra day would really come in handy right now since the biggest paper of the term is due on Friday.

You scroll through the outline one last time and now you must start writing.  Your mind is a blank as you stare at the screen.  You check your iPhone one more time wondering if you are the only one who is just starting this paper at this late date.  No new text messages.  You are all alone in this mess.

Then you remember.  The “nothing but” moment.  It didn’t seem important on Monday in the study skills class.  In fact your best friend rolled his eyes and laughed quietly.  But right now you would do anything to get this blasted paper done.

You remember how it worked.  Just pick one single small point on the outline and write a sentence about it.  Then write a sentence to tell a bit more about the first sentence.

Now you pick another one.  You add one more sentence.  Then you pick a point that follows the one you just did.

Now you have a little momentum and each moment seems to stay with you a little longer and give you a bit more time to work.  It is not the number of moments you have, it is whether those moments are on your side.

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