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Organized, calm and confident!

8th grade is a critical transitional grade in the school career of any student.  If the 8th grade is completed with a flourish of success and the student has performed at or near her potential that gives them a feeling and expectation of success for the coming transition into high school.  It will be enough of a shock to go from being socially at the top of the heap as the senior most group in the middle school to being lowly freshmen in their new high school.  Students also sometimes are going from a smaller middle school into a very large high school.  That change of environment alone can be a real jolt.

If the student has unresolved issues with organizational skills coming out of middle school, the first year of high school can often be extremely difficult.  Now they are in a larger noisier and more chaotic environment and there is far less individual attention at the high school level.

For the student who struggled with being disorganized in middle school but who adopted a powerful student organizer notebook system like the Pace-It Instant Organizer Notebook System, managing the stepped up demands of 9th grade will be much easier.  If the student knows she has a proven system she can rely on she will approach the new demands of high school academics with poise and confidence. 

This will leave her free to focus on the actual demands of mastering the content of each course rather than always rummaging around to find various papers and materials she needs just to do the work.  She will be happier and more enthusiastic about doing the work if her effort can be directed at the academic challenges themselves rather than wasting time and effort just to pull together the materials needed just to get started on the actual work to be done.

This better feeling and extra sense of confidence will actually cause her to operate at a higher performance level while doing the work.  This means she will turn out a higher quality work product and do it in less time.

It is a great investment of both time and money to get your 8th grade student into an organizing system so that she will have time to get into the habit of using it.  She will also experience a tremendous lift in confidence level if she can master the formerly difficult task of keeping up with all of her homework papers and materials. 

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