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Has your student been struggling all year with never having enough time to get all the homework done on time? Does it seem she is always scrambling at the last minute to study for tests and get term papers completed?
Even if your child has no particular reading assignments or summer school classes scheduled, summer is a great opportunity to get a jump start on a successful upcoming school year. If you talk to your child in terms of her increasing academic load of the next higher grade in school, you can focus the conversation on the benefits of gaining some new study skills which will help her get the work done more quickly.
As a parent you want to notice that in this context of study and organizational skills your child is competing with himself to get better and faster at some specific academic skills. You can consult with your student’s teachers for recommendations on which skills would most benefit your child. Even more importantly you can ask your child to look back over the past few weeks or months and say what skills he thinks would give him an added advantage with the school work.
Next you want to seek expert information to help your student gain these particular skills.
The basic skill groups to consider are:
1. Time Management: Are things getting done and turned in on time with a minimum of stress?
2. Materials and equipment management: Are books, materials and papers getting from home to school and back in an organized and reliable manner?
3. Reading speed, comprehension, and material retention: Is your student reading her course materials with relative ease in a reasonable amount of time? Is he understanding and remembering an acceptable amount of the material in his reading assignments?
4. Math skills needed to succeed in the next math course: Did your student struggle with math? If so there are many very different reasons that could have happened. The key to creating more ease with math is to find out exactly what type of difficulty your student is having and address those matters specifically.
5. General study skills: Does your child take good notes? Is she able to focus on the important things presented in class? Does he seem to get the assignments done in a reasonable amount of time?
As you begin to consider what type of summer program or activities might benefit your student over the summer, be assured that if you put effort into some key areas it can pay terrific dividends in the upcoming school year.

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