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Sweatless Final Exams!

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     In our previous post about the “No Sweat'” elite final exam takers, we revealed the simple secret.  Yes, in the words of Dr. Stephen Covey, author of the New York Times best seller “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” you “begin with the end in mind.”

      Simple.  Easy?  Yes and no.  To join the “No Sweat” club you need to do one core action.  Just one! 

      Here it is:  “Collect and store.”  “Collect and store.”  “Collect and store.”  Like someone intent on making and collecting money or practicing and sharpening skills for a beloved game, sport or activity, you are ALWAYS aware when a valuable piece of information comes your way.

      For some of us (I am certainly in this group) the collecting comes very naturally.  It is the STORE part that is a problem.  Store means to put in a safe place where it can be quickly and easily retrieved when needed.  If notes are made in class they are not wadded up in the bottom of a bookbag or folded up and stuck in some book somewhere.

      This requires a systematic process of collecting papers, articles and related information and placing each item in a specific physical or virtual place within a system such as the Pace-It Instant Organizer for students.  The practice of collecting items and placing them carefully in a structured system for future rapid retrieval is a daily and hourly discipline. 

     Like many other habits which can make a success or failure of the final result the “No Sweat” approach must be a long term committment and practice to get the desired “final” result.

     It really is just one simple action but it must be done over and over again!  Only then do you get that winning moment when the time comes and you can say with certainty:  “No sweat.  I am ready!”

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So just how early should students start looking ahead to final exams?  The correct answer to this question may vary dramatically from one student to another.  Or at least it may seem to.  For some the first day of final exams will come barreling down on them faster than an oncoming train in a very narrow one track tunnel.  For others all is well and it will be no sweat.  Well, there really is a secret hidden deep in the operating system of each and every member of the “no sweat” group.  Come a little closer.


For the student who is frozen in the glaring headlight of that oncoming train, it is the most important secret in all existence.  Lean in even closer now.  The words are about to appear.  They will come and go like a wisp of smoke in a brisk little breeze.  Are you ready?  It is so short and so simple you are likely to miss the power of it.


The “no sweat” elite club members each know this:  “From the beginning.”  Did you see it?  A true “no sweat” member subconsciously has the radar on from DAY ONE.  Any clue given by the teacher or instructor that an idea or fact is important is automatically  stored away for use on tests and exams.  But wait, there’s more!  Not only are the critical facts and ideas identified and captured, they are stored in a mental and physical filing system specifically designed for easy access and use on a quiz, test or exam.  How do they DO that?  Stay tuned for the answer.

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