Pace-It System – Homework Instant Organizer

Is the Homework Organized?

* The Pace-It Homework Instant Organizer Notebook System makes it very easy for the student to organize all homework papers and quickly find them again when needed. 

* This system will provide your student with an easy path to follow for completing work and turning it in on time.

* Our proven structured system develops both time and materials management skills for handling homework, papers and projects. The Pace-It System encourages and supports the following:

    1. On-time completion and turning in of assignments and projects

    2. Development and maintenance of a well-organized collection of materials to study for tests and exams

    3. Regular, early and consistent study for quizzes, tests and exams


What is the Pace-It System?

It is a comprehensive notebook system which provides a clear and complete path for all school-related papers and materials to follow.

All parts are colorful, appealing, and clearly labeled. There is an obvious and specific destination for each school paper, and the student can easily see these locations.


The Pace-It Notebook System creates structure!

* The structure AUTOMATES the storing and quick easy retrieval of homework, class notes, handouts, old quizzes and tests, and other reference material.  This leads to ease of starting, completing and turning in assignments in a timely manner.  It also encourages early study for tests because the student does not have to jump that hurdle of rounding up papers and materials which are scattered around in unknown places.

* The ease from automation of time and material management generates success, confidence and harmony.



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